The European Waterjet Cutting Association (EWJCA) is an association in accordance with the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) and represents the interests of pan-European waterjet cutters.

The association seeks to implement numerous measures to promote waterjet cutting companies in Switzerland and Europe.

This includes standards for machine certification, the compilation of safety guidelines, the definition of quality standards and guidelines (ISO standards) and the promotion of sustainable work processes for waste disposal and recycling.

The association also provides its members with support at a political level in terms of political processes in the USA and Far East and rules and regulations in the fields of environmental protection and energy-saving measures.

The association supports the promotion of new talent and training in particular.


The statues of the EWJCA are approved by its members. They regulate the following points:
– Purpose
– Membership
– Organisation and association meeting
– Executive board and committee
– Administrative headquarters
– Sectoral association
– Memberships

The current statutes are documented on this website as a PDF. In the event of a dispute arising, the current statues displayed on this site are deemed to be valid.

Download statutes [PDF]




The EWJCA provides its members with numerous advantages from a technical, financial and personal point of view.

Technical advantages
– Definition of standards in the waterjet cutting field (ISO standards)
– Support with environmental protection projects, in particular the recycling of abrasives and technical transfer of expertise for energy-saving purposes

Financial advantages
– Advertising waterjet cutting
– Access for SMEs to universities and universities of applied sciences – Improved connections with suppliers and standardised general terms and conditions
– Available statistics
– Contact with government organisations within export markets
– Exchange of information and knowledge

Persönlicher Nutzen
– Definition von Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsstandards – Aus- und Weiterbildung

Personal advantages
– Definition of health and safety standards
– Further and continued training


The following people and organisations which recognise and support the purpose of the association can become members of the EWJCA: individual companies, legal persons, legal entities (shareholders, research organisations etc.)

Companies with more than three independent lines of business must prove that all of these belong to the company.

Company memberships are synonymous with voting rights. Supply bodies and research organisations are allocated a right of nomination.

Any cancellations of memberships are to be submitted in writing 6 months in advance at the end of the calendar year.

The association reserves the right to exclude individual members in the event that the association’s code of conduct is breached.


Walter Maurer

WATERJet AG, Chief executive officer

Dragos Axinte

University of Nottingham, Professor

Philippe Meyer

Nozzlemeyer, Director

Massimiliano Annoni

University 'Politecnico di Milano', Assistant professor

Vitus Pebalka

KMT, Business development manager

Frank Pude

Inspire, Head of laser and waterjet processing

Franz H.Trieb

BHDT, Vice president

Holger Weth

Uhde High Preassure Technologies, Senior Sales Engineer

Thomas Fransson

Vattenskuret, Director

Abdel Tazibt

CRITT TJF&U, Director of research and development

Michael Merkle

Bystronic, President division Waterjet

Mihai Nicolescu

KTH, Professor


Registrations for membership of the EWJCA must be made in writing. The executive board will decide on this membership. Registrations can be submitted directly to the secretary’s office.

Membership fees are set every year. The association is financed solely through membership fees, one-off joining fees and other donations and subsidies.

Executive Board

Presidium and executive board

The executive board comprises three committees, the President, Vice President and 2 to max. 6 members of the executive board. The current President of the Executive Board is W. Maurer of Waterjet AG.

The executive board is elected for 3 years. The President and Vice President and all other members of the executive board can also be re-elected following their 3-year period in office.

The executive board is responsible for all social affairs except where expressly regulated by another institution within the association.